A Spot of Tea

I never know where the inspiration for my daily drawings will come from. It could be a snippet of conversation with a friend or family member. It could be a new recipe I’ve seen on Food Network or it could be something that got mentioned on Facebook. And today’s entry is inspired by a Facebook post.

An old friend recently highlighted a site that features vintage teapots. I loved it because I used to have quite a collection of them.

However, when I downsized from my house to a small apartment, most of them had to go. I had to pick and choose what I could actually take with me to a more compact living space. But I did keep a few of my favorites.

This is a drawing of the few teapots I have left. Two are Hall collectibles, one is a Paragon from England and one is Bavarian china. They make me smile when I look at them.


Fortunately, I was able to keep more of my English teacup sets since they take up less room. Some of the ones I have are quite valuable so I can’t bear to part with them yet.


Preparing tea is not a fussy endeavor at all. It is pure pleasure. And I was reminded of that a couple years ago…

I was in Italy taking an art class and two of the other ladies there were from England. Several times a day they would have to break for a “cuppa.” Off they would go to the kitchen and plug in the electric kettle. In two minutes flat they would be sipping their refreshment and be renewed. I made a habit of joining them.

Needless to say, one of the first purchases I made when I got back home to Ohio was an electric kettle. What a wondrous thing! It heats up instantly and you can have the perfect cup of tea (or broth) in no time flat!

So, yes, I’ve given up coffee in favor of tea. I DO love coffee but it doesn’t love me. I save it for special occasions.

In the meantime, I enjoy trying out all kinds of tea.

Have a “spot” anyone?

Seafood Extravaganza

Oh my, but do I love seafood!

Well, really, I just love food…

And now that I am officially a Food Network addict, I’m always trying new things.

I guess I’ve become a FOODIE. And I’m thrilled. It’s a way to put some adventure in your life without leaving home. (Although I like leaving-home adventures, too.)

But whether I leave home or not, I can’t wait to eat something exciting – or comforting – depending on my mood.

Although that did not come naturally…

My mother was not a good cook. She just wasn’t interested. Besides, she lived on coffee and cigarettes to stay thin. And she had a strict grocery budget. Not the makings of any type of chef. The funny thing is, when I think back, I can’t even remember what we ate. It was that nondescript.

Then I was married forever to a man who had food FEARS. He didn’t like anything pickled, he wouldn’t eat vegetables, and he was so TERRIFIED of mayonnaise that he used to check the trash to make sure I wasn’t tricking him. No salads, no casseroles, just meat and potatoes non-stop. No wonder by the time we parted, we both looked like meatloaves!

Well, not now! (Actually, I don’t even know what HE looks like anymore, but I exist on fantastic food!)

I figure if a food sustains any group of people, anywhere in the world, then it is worth giving a try. I’ve had alligator, baby goat, rabbit, bison, suckling pig, rattlesnake, snails, squid, octopus and more. It’s a bit harder to get into insects, but I do think I tried a chocolate covered cricket once.

At present I am totally digging seafood. Specifically shellfish. And I think I might be craving it because I am perpetually low in zinc due to several surgeries. So bring on the zinc!

One great source is shrimp… oh what lovely food these ugly bugs cook up into!


And then there’s oysters.


Now I never thought one of these would cross my lips, but how wrong I was! I even bought an oyster knife so I could shuck them myself. Love…

So that’s the day’s post. And as far as drawing goes, it is an easy one.

For me, doing portrait sketches are like pedaling a bike uphill. You gotta work at it. But food in the daily journal? That’s coasting downhill for miles. Just relax and feel the breeze in your hair. After all, if you’ve seen one oyster, you’ve seen them all.

But I’ve got another couple portrait sketches lined up for later today. Discipline, you know…

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