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I’m Starr and my home base is southwest Ohio. I am starting this blog in the fall of 2012 to record a long-awaited trip to Italy. Maybe the blog will continue after that – it’s hard to say.

I am an artist and a writer, so feel compelled to document things on paper – and now online. I keep sketch diaries both at home and while traveling and plan to post some of the entries here along with photos and thoughts.

Please feel free to comment on the blog. I enjoy the feedback!


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  1. Julie
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 10:44:30

    Hi Starr!! Been trying to remember the name of your blog as of course I lost the piecfe of paper – and miraculously it came to me today. I was devastated that September wasn’t on there – and then found it so saw the picture of Pauline and me and your write up about our afternoon in Italy!!

    I’ve read everything now that you’ve written here and am fascinated about your time there – it seems that you’ve had an amazing trip – but also your fabulous writing makes me feel that you’d make anything seem fantastical – even a trip to the local shops sounds interesting on this blog!!

    Keep up the good work and hopefully we will see you in London one of these days . . . we’re still drinking Prosecco of course and we’ll have one for you later – Merry Christmas – will you be home or are you planning another trip in between?

    Take care –
    Your friend in London,
    Juliet (Julie – 27 September!!)


  2. Michael Wright
    Jul 06, 2015 @ 01:09:32

    Good Morning Starr (12:54 am Monday the 6th) I just read your tribute to Idell I wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed and appreciated your words. My wife Joy and I were touched by her here in Tampa many years ago, when she became part of our lives and we became part of hers and Bobby’s and the kids. It was rough emotionally when she left our congregation for another, and then went back to Ohio years after that. Then we’d see her occasionally when she’d come back down for a convention. I was usually an attendant so I’d spot her first. After hugs/kisses, she’d ask “where’s Joy”? “I’ll take you” I said, and would then extend my elbow and take her to where we were seated. Such a wonderful lady. Laura Facebook IMd me last week to tell me Idell had died the previous evening. I thanked her and told her I needed to ‘brace up’ to tell Joy after she woke up. I knew it would be hard to do, hard for her and that she would need some alone time. I don’t know how she found your blog, but last night it was “Mike! Come here! Come here!” and she read excerpts for me. This has been the kind of day where I had little time for myself – until now – and I’m glad I stayed up to read. Thank you for your writing, for sharing Idell from your perspective, and for sharing yourself as well. You are an excellent writer, and I will be revisiting periodically, until I get caught up. 🙂 Cheers, Mike


  3. Corinna Caudill
    Aug 26, 2015 @ 13:05:41

    Starr – your blog is wonderful! It actually inspired me to use a paper sketchbook to brainstorm scenes for my nonfiction book. I draw really badly but it doesn’t matter – it’s a great exercise and lets me get into my head and look around (that is also scary sometimes – lol). Anyway, this is a great blog and i really enjoy following it.
    Corinna Caudill
    Atlanta, GA


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