Painting Trip, Day 11, Part 2

(Note… still catching up, so this post is about the class on Thurs, Sep 17, 2015)

Ok… now we’ve had dinner and I followed a couple classmates clear back to Leiper’s Fork from Cool Springs, Tennessee. I intended to just turn around and drive the one mile back to my room, but here was Puckett’s all lit up and practically bouncing off the ground… how could you not go in???

Puckett's night time resized

I whipped into a parking spot, walked across the road and went inside.

It was “open mic” night and the band on stage was tearing down the house. Hoo doggies!

open mic 2 resized

People were gathered in every spot just having a good ole time and it made me smile. This is my kinda place…

Puckett's crowd 2 resiszed

When I went back to the Ladies Room, there was this sign on the wall. If you’re a fan of this music, you’ll recognize it…


I went and bought me a Puckett’s T-shirt (to paint in, of course) and one of those mason jars with their name on it. Then I got a Miller Lite and found a seat. Naturally with that kind of music going, people were heating up the dance floor. What fun!

Puckett's dancers 1 resized

Then I looked over and recognized two ladies who had stopped to chat with me earlier in the day while I was painting. I walked over and introduced myself. Tina and her friend Beverly remembered me so I took a seat with them and chilled out. We got up several times to dance and it was a blast. Nothing like a bunch of older white gals having a fun honky-tonk night out.

friends 1 resized

On open-mic night, each group of guys can play two songs and then have to switch. They were great so I made my way up front to take their photos. Man, what a fantastic bunch of musicians!

another bass player resizedbass player resizeddrummer resizedfiddle player resizedkeyboard player resizedharmonica player resizedmandolin player resized

Did you notice how the fiddle player came right up to me as I snapped his photo? What a character! And I always love a mandolin player because that’s what my daddy always played. It’s music to my ears for sure.

I finished my beer and knew I’d better head home before I passed out. But boy I’m glad I didn’t miss this real spot of music that rocked the house. I don’t care how tired I am… this was a TREAT!!!

I got back to my room and Harriet and Rainey were still up. “How was your dinner?” they asked.

“Oh that was great… but I’ve been out honkey-tonkin’!” I told them. They got a kick out of that and shooed me off to bed. And like I said… what a GRAND time I am having!!!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Patti
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 19:13:52

    What???? No Karaoke?? Was hoping to see you! I know you had a blast!!


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