Thinking Blue

My favorite color has always been BLUE. I particularly like periwinkle with its lavender cast, but almost any shade of blue will make me happy. As a painter I know I can use cerulean blue with some white for a gorgeous sky… or darken it to portray the perfect denim.

And then there’s turquoise as in an ocean wave and sapphire like a precious gem. And what woman wouldn’t welcome a gift box in the shade of Tiffany blue? (I’ll probably never know!)

So today, my sketches are in blue.

First up is my dream car. And this is totally a figment of my imagination because I don’t know what it would be like to have the car I desire or if I would even like it if I got it. But I think I would….

Years ago, there was a guy who owned a commercial sign shop in my local community and he must have lived and worked in my neighborhood because I would see his vehicle all over the place. It was a hunter green 1940s era restored Ford pickup truck with the wood slats on the back. On both the driver’s door and the passenger door was his beautiful sign shop logo in calligraphy script.

I don’t know why, but every time I saw that truck I would salivate. I wanted one for myself.

Then one day I was driving along a country road and I saw a similar model Ford truck parked back a long lane. It didn’t have the wood slats but it was the perfect shade of sky blue. I thought I had just had a glimpse of heaven when I saw it.

Now I am not a “car person” by any means, so this has to be some sort of visual attraction. That truck could ride like an old donkey on a trail down a gorge. But I don’t care. I’d just get a thrill out of seeing it in my driveway every day – and feeling the wind in my hair when all the windows are rolled down. And hauling a load of mulch or top soil in the bed in the spring. I know I would love it. So here is a sketch of my dream car (truck)…

Ford pickup

And it just so happens I’ve been on another “blue” subject of late.

I don’t watch a lot of network television. I pretty much stick to Food Network and a bunch of Netflix. But I recently stumbled onto the Netflix cache of the TV series Blue Bloods. There are like 89 episodes on there so I kept skipping by it for the longest time. Finally, a couple weeks ago, I clicked on it and began to watch. I am officially hooked.

blue bloods

I think I’m up to about episode 60 already and I am dreading for it to end. I love this family! And I don’t even know why because they are make-believe! I am not Irish Catholic and I am not involved in government or law enforcement, but I do enjoy the stories they come up with. I especially love the mandatory Sunday dinners the family commits to. Which is what I did the first 39 years of my life. Every Sunday. Without fail. Lunch at Grandma Nichols’ house. With the entire immediate family.

It wasn’t a fancy lunch with wine and china dishes like on Blue Bloods. But it was Grandma’s home cooking. And we were all together that day for an intimate meal. If someone was missing an excuse was demanded because you simply did not miss that lunch. I went as a child. I went as a young adult. I went as a newlywed and took my husband. I went as a new mother and took my twin babies and then my infant daughter. It only stopped when Grandma was almost 90 and couldn’t cook any more. And oh how I miss that Sunday meal!

I’ve tried to carry on the tradition in a small way in my own family by having dinners every few MONTHS. And even then it is hard to get every one on the same page at the same time. They’re all too busy. The “in-laws” don’t understand the importance. No one seems to have the time.

Frankly, I don’t think they realize what they are missing. The connection… the familiarity… and yes, the obligation. I don’t think it hurts anyone to have an obligation that might be a bit annoying at times but is for the greater good of everyone in the family. How else do children learn they are part of a network that should never be broken? That they are a precious piece of a puzzle made up of aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents who think they are invaluable in their own right? If they don’t experience it, they will never know. And I have to say the loss of that tradition breaks my heart because I do know that connection and I miss it terribly.

It’s a poor substitute to watch Blue Bloods on television and reminisce. But that’s what I’ve been doing. And I will treasure those first 39 years of continuous Sunday dinners all my life. Just as I will always love the color blue. For me blue is not feeling blue… it is feeling happy and like the sky is bright above. And close families always live under that clear blue sky. (maybe even driving an old blue pickup truck!)

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