Blue and more…

Just posting a few sketches today.

First up, my friend’s dog Blue. Who happens to look a bit blue here!


Then Blue’s mom-pal, my friend Aimee. It’s always great to touch base with Aimee because she is a writer. I enjoy my writer friends because they are generally a curious and well-spoken bunch. And that makes for lively, interesting conversations. Aimee herself is a bit of a firecracker. Under that Marilyn Monroe hair lives a wicked wit… juxtaposed with a tender heart. I got out a different sketchbook to draw her because I wanted a smooth paper that would take crisp, clear color. I like how it turned out because Aimee herself is crisp, clear and colorful.


Another writer friend is a former professional dancer. I’ve seen some of her dance photos and they are ethereal. Even though dancers are incredibly strong athletes, ballerinas seem to be part of a dream world to me. I always have the feeling they will scamper away like fairies and disappear if you try to reach out and touch them. Here’s Jennifer…

J Holmes

This sketch is of someone I don’t know. Jennifer posted it and I was mesmerized. Surely Andrea really is a butterfly…

Butterfly Ballerina

Did you notice in the ballerina sketches they barely even leave shadows on the ground? I’m telling you, they are not of this world!

So that’s the friends for today. And I’m about to switch gears. I recently tried a new shrimp recipe and it was so good I’ve got to go get some more shrimp. I think those ugly bugs are going to make their way into my daily sketchbook next…

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